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Yoga Wheel Relieve Back Pain better


The Yoga Wheel for Relieving Back Pain is an effective and innovative prop designed specifically to target and alleviate discomfort in the back.

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Yoga Wheel Relieve Back Pain better description

Yoga Wheel

IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY AND REDUCE PAIN: The Shogun Sports 6″ Yoga Wheel has been designed to help you improve your flexibility, and help you stretch your hips, abdomen, chest and back. It will massage your spine in a safe yet deep way. Place it between your shoulder blades and roll out to relieve tension and open up your back. Not only does the yoga wheel open your back, it also enhances your flexibility.

ROLL OUT MUSCLES AND REDUCE TENSION: The Shogun Sports Mini Yoga Wheel is a great addition for your recovery gear. It can also be used as foam roller to stretch and roll out muscles.

Use it to massage your legs, lower back, and sides. Place it between your shoulder blades and roll out to relieve tension and open up your back. The 6” Mini Yoga Wheel is deal for a deep focused tissue massage. Works as foam roller for your neck, back and legs.

The Yoga Wheel for Relieving Back Pain is an effective and innovative prop designed specifically to target and alleviate discomfort in the back. Here’s a detailed and enhanced description of how it can help relieve back pain:

  1. Spinal Traction and Decompression: The Yoga Wheel is specially engineered to provide spinal traction and decompression, helping to relieve pressure on the vertebrae and discs. By lying or rolling on the wheel, your spine gently stretches and releases tension, promoting relief from back pain.
  2. Stretch and Release Tight Muscles: The curved shape of the yoga wheel allows you to target tight muscles along the back, including the erector spinae, rhomboids, and trapezius. Rolling or leaning on the wheel helps to release knots, trigger points, and muscular tension that contribute to back pain.
  3. Improved Spinal Mobility: Regular use of the yoga wheel can enhance spinal mobility by increasing the range of motion in your back. This can lead to improved flexibility, reduced stiffness, and a greater ability to perform daily activities without discomfort.
  4. Enhanced Posture Alignment: The yoga wheel supports correct alignment of the spine and encourages proper posture. As you engage with the wheel, it helps to strengthen the muscles supporting your back, ultimately promoting better posture and reducing strain on the spine.
  5. Core Strengthening and Stability: Balancing and engaging your core muscles on the yoga wheel not only provides stability but also strengthens your abdominal and back muscles. A stronger core helps to support your spine, reducing the likelihood of future back pain.
  6. Versatile Application: The yoga wheel can be used in various ways to target different areas of the back and cater to individual needs. You can perform gentle stretches, backbends, twists, and even use it to modify traditional yoga poses, making it suitable for practitioners of all levels.
  7. Comfortable and Supportive Design: The yoga wheel is typically constructed with a sturdy inner core and a cushioned outer layer, providing both support and comfort. The padding helps to distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and allowing for a comfortable experience.
  8. Portable and Easy to Store: The yoga wheel is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to take to yoga classes, the gym, or use at home. Its compact size allows for easy storage when not in use, ensuring it doesn’t take up much space.

When choosing a yoga wheel for relieving back pain, consider factors such as size, weight capacity, and customer reviews. It’s important to select a high-quality wheel that suits your body’s needs and offers the necessary support for effective pain relief. If you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns, it’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using a yoga wheel for back pain relief.

STURDY & BUILT TO LAST: The Shogun Sports Yoga Wheel has a durable skid-resistant Eco Friendly TPE padding (3/4″ thick) providing soft and comfortable sensation to your palms, shoulders, feet and back. The strong ABS inner core is extremely strong and will support up to 500 lbs,

ECO FRIENDLY, MOISTURE PROOF & BACTERIA FREE: The TPE padding has moisture resistant technology which makes the mat water-proof to keep it moisture and germs free! So you can be sure that your Yoga Wheel will be free of musky scents.

US Veteran Owned and Operated Business: Shogun Sports is a US Veteran Owned and operated company; we test all our products and conduct 100% QC inspections to make sure they will perform up to the expectations.

However, in the case that you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer 60 days return policy and 1 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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