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Toy Best Washable Beauty Set 5.5inch


This new-style kids beauty set makeup kit toy is made from safe and washable materials, ensuring that it is gentle on children’s skin and easy to clean.

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 Toy Description

Introducing our New-Style Christmas Gift Washable Kids Beauty Set Makeup Kit Toy for Girls, the perfect gift to inspire creativity and imaginative play! This makeup kit toy offers a safe and washable way for kids to experiment with makeup and create beautiful looks. Here’s why it’s an ideal choice:

Safe and Washable

Our makeup kit toy is designed with child safety in mind. The makeup components are made from non-toxic materials that are safe for kids to use on their skin. Additionally, the makeup is washable, allowing for easy removal without any staining. The makeup included in this kit is designed to be washable, ensuring that it won’t stain or damage clothing. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child’s favorite outfits will remain clean and free from makeup stains.

Pretend Play

This beauty set encourages imaginative play and allows girls to express their creativity. They can pretend to be makeup artists, role-play different characters, or create fun makeovers with friends. It enhances their storytelling skills and keeps them engaged for hours. With this beauty set, girls can express their unique style and creativity. They can experiment with different makeup looks, mix and match colors, and develop their own sense of fashion and self-expression.

Variety of Makeup Items

The kit includes a wide range of makeup items such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes, nail polish, and more. It provides a diverse selection of colors and textures, allowing girls to explore different looks and styles. This new-style kids beauty set makeup kit toy makes an ideal gift for the Christmas season. It combines fun, creativity, and imaginative play, bringing joy and excitement to girls during the festive celebration. This makeup kit toy is designed to be portable and travel-friendly. It comes in a compact and lightweight case, allowing girls to bring their beauty set wherever they go, whether it’s for a weekend trip or a friend’s house.

Child-Friendly Design

The beauty set is designed to be easy and safe for children to use. The makeup components are sized appropriately for small hands, making it simple for kids to apply and experiment with different makeup techniques. The packaging is also attractive and kid-friendly, featuring cute designs and vibrant colors.

Educational Value

While playing with the beauty set, girls can develop various skills. They learn about colors, coordination, and self-expression. It also helps improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and fosters their artistic abilities. Girls can enjoy playing and experimenting with makeup together, promoting social interaction and cooperation. It encourages sharing, communication, and collaborative play, allowing them to bond with friends and siblings.

Parental Supervision

We recommend parental supervision while children are using the beauty set. This allows parents to guide their child’s play, ensure safe use of the makeup, and provide valuable tips and suggestions.

Ideal Christmas Gift

Our New-Style Christmas Gift Washable Kids Beauty Set Makeup Kit Toy for Girls is a perfect gift for the holiday season. It’s a thoughtful present that encourages creativity and allows girls to have fun while exploring the world of makeup.

Easy to Clean

The makeup included in the kit is easily washable with water and mild soap. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that even if there’s a little mess, it can be cleaned up effortlessly.


Let your child’s imagination flourish with our New-Style Christmas Gift Washable Kids Beauty Set Makeup Kit Toy for Girls. With its safe and washable design, variety of makeup items, educational value, and easy clean-up, this toy provides endless opportunities for creative play. Watch as your little one experiments, creates beautiful looks, and enjoys delightful makeup adventures!



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Weight 0.73 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 50 cm

5.5 X 5.5 X 6.89 Inches

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