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Toy Best Number Shape Block 15inch


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 Toy Description

Introducing the New-Style Counting Shape Wooden Count Toys, a delightful and educational toy set designed to captivate children while introducing them to the concepts of counting, sorting, and shape recognition. This set features wooden blocks in vibrant colors, each representing a unique number and shape. With its hands-on approach and engaging design, this toy provides children with an interactive way to develop essential cognitive and motor skills. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this educational toy that brings numbers and shapes to life in a fun and colorful way.

Counting and Numeracy Skills Development

The wooden blocks in this set are numbered from 1 to 10, allowing children to practice counting and numerical recognition. As children stack and arrange the blocks, they can explore the concept of quantity and learn to associate numbers with physical objects. This hands-on counting activity lays the foundation for early numeracy skills and enhances number recognition.

Shape Recognition and Sorting

Each wooden block represents a different shape, such as circles, triangles, squares, and more. Children can learn to identify and differentiate shapes as they manipulate and sort the blocks. This sorting activity promotes shape recognition and develops critical thinking skills as children categorize the blocks based on their shapes. They can create patterns or engage in imaginative play scenarios using the blocks.

Hands-On Learning and Fine Motor Skills Development

The wooden blocks are designed for easy grasping and stacking, promoting fine motor skills development. As children pick up, hold, and place the blocks, they improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and finger strength. These motor skills are essential for activities like writing, drawing, and other daily tasks.

Colorful and Engaging Design

The New-Style Counting Shape Wooden Count Toys feature vibrant colors that capture children’s attention and spark their curiosity. The bright and visually appealing blocks make learning exciting and encourage active engagement. The colorful design enhances sensory development and visual perception as children work with the blocks.

Durable and Safe Construction

The wooden blocks are made from high-quality, child-safe materials, ensuring durability and safety during play. The smooth surfaces and rounded edges of the blocks provide a comfortable grip for young children and minimize the risk of any harm or injuries. The sturdy construction ensures that the blocks can withstand repeated use, guaranteeing long-lasting enjoyment.

Versatile and Open-Ended Play

The New-Style Counting Shape Wooden Count Toys offer versatile play options that encourage creativity and imagination. Children can not only count and sort the blocks but also use them in building structures, creating patterns, or combining them with other toys. This open-ended play stimulates problem-solving skills and fosters imaginative thinking.


The New-Style Counting Shape Wooden Count Toys combine learning and play by introducing children to numbers, shapes, and sorting activities. With its colorful design, hands-on counting experience, shape recognition, and fine motor skills development, this toy set provides children with engaging and interactive learning experiences. The durable construction and child-safe materials ensure safe play, while the versatile nature of the blocks encourages creativity and imaginative play. Choose the New-Style Counting Shape Wooden Count Toys as a gift and watch as children immerse themselves in a world of counting, sorting, and shape exploration, fostering a love for learning and discovery. Our New-Style Counting Shape Wooden Count Toys with Wood Colorful Number Shape Blocks make an ideal gift for children, whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. They combine entertainment, learning, and creativity, making them a thoughtful choice for young learners.

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