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Toy Best Kitchen Accessories 12inch


By choosing wooden toys, you contribute to a greener and more friendly play experience, while also promoting the use of renewable resources.

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Toy Description

Our Durable Birthday Gift Play Kitchen Accessories Kids Coffee Maker Wooden Kitchen Toys provide an immersive and interactive play experience for young children. With their realistic design and functioning features, these wooden coffee maker toys allow kids to engage in imaginative role-playing as they pretend to be baristas or cafe owners.

Safe and High-Quality Materials

These play kitchen accessories are made from durable and child-safe materials. The smooth edges, non-toxic paint, and sturdy construction ensure a safe and enjoyable play environment for kids, providing long-lasting fun and entertainment.

Realistic Coffee Maker Experience

The wooden coffee maker toy mimics the appearance and functions of a real coffee maker. Kids can turn knobs, press buttons, and watch as the “coffee” drips into the pot, simulating the process of making coffee and enhancing their understanding of everyday objects.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Interacting with the coffee maker accessories helps develop fine motor skills in children. They can grasp and turn the knobs, practice hand-eye coordination while pouring “coffee,” and manipulate the different parts of the toy, improving dexterity and control.

Imaginative and Creative Play

These kitchen toys stimulate imaginative and creative play. Children can invent their own coffee shop stories, take orders from imaginary customers, and explore different roles and responsibilities, fostering creativity, storytelling, and problem-solving skills.

Encourages Social Interaction

Role-playing with the coffee maker toys encourages social interaction and cooperation among children. They can take turns being the barista or customer, engage in conversations and negotiations, and develop important social skills such as communication, empathy, and teamwork.

Introduction to Kitchen Concepts

Playing with these kitchen accessories introduces children to basic kitchen concepts. They can learn about coffee making, understand the different components of a coffee maker, and gain knowledge about kitchen tools and appliances, promoting early culinary awareness.

Promotes Cognitive Development

Through pretend play, these wooden kitchen toys promote cognitive development in children. They can engage in problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking as they navigate the different features and functionalities of the coffee maker, enhancing cognitive skills and intellectual growth.

Enhances Vocabulary and Language Skills

Imaginative play with the coffee maker accessories provides opportunities for vocabulary expansion and language development. Children can learn new words related to coffee and kitchen activities, engage in conversations about their play scenarios, and enhance their communication skills.

Teaches Responsibility and Routine

Encouraging kids to engage in role-playing and pretend coffee making can teach them about responsibility and routine. They can learn about following a sequence of steps, cleaning up after playing, and taking care of their “coffee shop,” fostering a sense of responsibility and organization.

Easy to Use and Clean

Our play kitchen accessories are designed to be user-friendly and easy to clean. The coffee maker toy is simple to operate, allowing children to independently engage in pretend play. Additionally, the wooden materials make cleaning a breeze, ensuring convenience for parents.

Versatile Play Options

Apart from coffee making, these kitchen toys offer versatility in play options. Children can use the accessories to create imaginative tea parties, serve pretend drinks to their friends and stuffed animals, or incorporate them into other kitchen-themed play scenarios, providing endless possibilities for fun and creativity.

Role Model Learning

Playing with the coffee maker toys allows children to observe and learn from adult role models. They can mimic the actions and behaviors of baristas or parents, gaining insights into daily life routines and promoting empathy and understanding of others.

Perfect Birthday Gift Choice

Our wooden kitchen toys make a perfect birthday gift choice for young children. Combining educational value, interactive play, and durability, they offer a thoughtful and engaging present that encourages imaginative exploration and learning.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Our play kitchen accessories are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. By choosing wooden toys, you contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly play experience, while also promoting the use of renewable resources and reducing plastic waste.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 50 cm

12 X 12 X 4 Inches

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