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Strength Push up Bar 1 Professional Best Equipment


Strength Push up Bar is an ideal training tool designed to enhance upper body strength.

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Strength Push up Bar Description

Boost Your Training:

Perfect push up for sculpting your arms, chest, core and back more effectively and efficiently. They enhance traditional pushups by preventing strain on the wrist and hand so you can support your weight without pain.

Rotating Push Up Handles Allow Natural Movement:

Unlike a fixed push up stand that puts the wrists in painful angles, our pushup handles are designed to rotate and adjust to your position for a wider range of motion.

Non Slip Base Grips Any Surface:

Four non skid pads on the bottom of each push up bar provide reliable traction on a variety of surfaces such as carpet, rubber mat, granite, marble, and hardwood floors to protect you from slipping.

Wide Handles Contoured to Fit Male and Female Hands:

Our Push Up Bars handle follows the contour of your hand for optimal comfort when you move your hands so you can distribute your weight evenly.

We Value Your Safety:

Our push up bar is designed to support up to 400 lbs of body weight.

Strength Push up Bar is an ideal training tool designed to enhance upper body strength. Whether you are a fitness beginner or a professional athlete, this product can meet all your exercise needs. It features durability, ease of use, and versatility, allowing you to perform efficient and safe push-up workouts.

The key features of Strength Push up Bar include:

1. Durability: This push-up bar is made of high-quality steel and wear-resistant rubber material, ensuring excellent durability and stability to withstand heavy pressure and long-term use. Whether you are performing regular push-ups or handstand push-ups, this bar provides reliable support for your body weight.

2. Adjustable Height: Strength Push up Bar is designed with adjustable height, allowing you to customize the setting according to your personal preferences and exercise goals. By adjusting the height of the bar, you can increase or decrease the difficulty of your push-ups, gradually improving upper body strength and endurance.

3. Multi-functional Design: In addition to push-up exercises, Strength Push up Bar can also be used for other upper body workouts such as dips, planks, and handstand push-ups. It effectively targets multiple muscle groups including the chest, shoulders, back, and arms, making your training routine more comprehensive and diverse.

4. Non-slip Grip: The hand grips of this push-up bar feature a non-slip texture design, ensuring stability and comfort during your workouts. Whether you have sweaty palms or engage in intense movements, it provides excellent grip support, allowing you to focus on your exercise without worrying about slipping or instability.

5. Convenient Portability and Storage: Strength Push up Bar is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for home use, outdoor workouts, or travel. It takes up minimal space and can be easily disassembled and assembled, enabling you to perform upper body exercises anytime, anywhere.

6. Suitable for Everyone: Whether you are a fitness beginner or a professional athlete, Strength Push up Bar can be adjusted according to your abilities and exercise goals. Whether you want to increase muscle strength, sculpt your physique, or enhance athletic performance, it is an ideal choice.

In conclusion, Strength Push up Bar is a powerful and durable upper body strength training tool.

Its adjustable height, multi-functional design, and non-slip grip make it an ideal choice for push-up exercises and overall upper body workouts. Whether you are at home, in the gym, or outdoors, it can assist you in achieving comprehensive upper body training, improving strength and overall health.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm

Black , Green


Home, Community, Gym, Park

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