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Sporting Jumping Rope 1 Great Best Price Gym Equipment

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Suitable for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Sporting Jumping Rope is also perfect for schools, sports clubs, and various sports training facilities.

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Sporting Jumping Rope Description

Fitness Jump Rope with Counter

– One of the handles is equipped with a backlit LCD screen, the screen will tell you how many calories you consume, how many jumps you make and how long you are training based on the user’s weight;

the weighted jum prope allows you to get all the calorie burning benefits of a traditional jumping rope without the interruptions of tripping on the rope

Cordless for Tight Space Workout

– The jump ropes for fitness uses anti-slip handles with short leads attached to mimic the feel of skipping with a real rope without actually needing to swing one around, the low-impact tool could give people who don’t have a ton of room to work with a good alternative to do their workout;

thanks to the ropeless design, you’ll never need to worry about tripping yourself up

Better Results Cost Less Time

– Rope skipping is one of the most efficient calorie-burning workouts you can do;

our skipping rope with grippy handles work more muscle groups than your average rope, which means you can experience a full-body workout anywhere, it works your legs, your core, your arms, your heart, and your mind, great compact home gym equipmnet for cardio and strength training workout

Adjustable Rope Length

– The rope can be extended out to a maximum of 9.8 feet, and shortened easily and small enough to take on the go with the included carrying case without getting tangled.

The adjustable length makes the kids jump rope suitable for all ages and heights and a great option if you plan to share it with your family; suitable for Crossfit, Workout, Boxing, MMA, Fitness and Exercise

Build to Last

– High-performance ball bearings cased in ergonomic handles give you a smooth and effortless jumping experience while help avoid twisting, or winding of the rope; made of durable PVC material, this heavy jump rope is built to withstand daily use and is resistant to bending and deformation, allowing to be used both indoors and outdoors;

Purchasing without risk from , we offer lifetime friendly customer care

Sporting Jumping Rope is a high-quality jump rope tool designed for sports training. With its superior materials and thoughtful design, this product offers exceptional performance and an outstanding user experience.

Suitable for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, Sporting Jumping Rope is also perfect for schools, sports clubs, and various sports training facilities. Whether you’re training for skill development, speed improvement, or explosive power, Sporting Jumping Rope is the ultimate sports jump rope tool.

1. Product Features:
1. High-Quality Materials: Sporting Jumping Rope is made of durable and wear-resistant materials, ensuring durability and stability during high-intensity training. The stainless steel cable provides excellent strength and longevity, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

2. Shock Absorption Design: Sporting Jumping Rope features a shock absorption design that reduces impact on joints and minimizes the risk of sports-related injuries. Offering comprehensive protection during intense jump rope sessions.

3. Lightweight and Portable: Sporting Jumping Rope is lightweight and easy to carry, making it convenient for use indoors or outdoors. Whether at school or sports facilities, it provides exceptional training results and versatility.

4. Adjustable Length: Sporting Jumping Rope offers adjustable rope length to accommodate different heights and training preferences. Easily adjust the rope length for the best user experience based on personal preferences and body size.

2. Product Advantages:
1. Speed and Explosive Power Enhancement: Jumping Rope is the ideal tool for training speed and explosive power. Through rapid and consistent jumping movements, it significantly improves leg strength and coordination, consequently increasing speed and explosive power.

2. Enhanced Cardiovascular Function: Sporting Jumping Rope is a highly efficient form of aerobic exercise that can burn a substantial number of calories per minute. It promotes increased cardiovascular endurance, improving overall physical fitness.

3. Improved Coordination and Flexibility: Jumping Rope requires coordination of hand and foot movements, enhancing overall coordination and body flexibility. With consistent training, athletes can develop excellent jumping techniques and body control, positively affecting performance in other sports disciplines.

4. Diverse Training Options:  Jumping Rope offers various jumping styles such as single-leg jumps, crossover jumps, and alternating foot jumps. By adjusting training methods, individuals can personalize their workouts based on specific goals and requirements.

3. How to Use:
1. Adjust the Rope Length: Customize the length of theJumping Rope according to your height and training needs, ensuring it fits your body size.

2. Firmly Grip the Handles: Securely hold the handles of the Sporting Jumping Rope for a stable grip during training sessions.

3. Begin Jumping: Jump with a steady rhythm and frequency, mastering the correct footwork and hand movements to maintain stability and balance.

4. Diversify Training: As training progresses, try different jump rope techniques to add diversity and challenge to your workouts.

Sporting Jumping Rope is a high-quality jump rope tool that delivers exceptional sports training experiences.

By incorporating jump rope exercises into your training routine, you can improve speed, explosive power, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, and flexibility.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a school sports trainer, Jumping Rope is your ultimate companion in achieving outstanding sports performance.

Choose Sporting Jumping Rope to elevate your sports training and maximize your results!

Additional information

Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm
Item Weight

0.94 Pounds

Target Audience

Adult, Kids

Special Feature

Tangle Free, Adjustable Length, Digital Length



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