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Spinning Bike Immersive 22 HD Touchscreen

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The spinning bike offers an effective and convenient way to improve cardiovascular health, burn calories, and tone muscles.

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Spinning Bike Description

  • GAME-CHANGING CARDIO – Clip into the Peloton Bike for a workout experience that goes beyond cycling, whether you’re cruising or sprinting as you climb the Leaderboard with other Members
  • SMALL-SPACE FRIENDLY – Bike has a compact, 4′ x 2′ footprint, and an adjustable seat, handlebar, and screen, which tilts to accommodate different heights. This stationary bike fits comfortably in your home whether you’re low on square footage or working around furniture.
  •  headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, 5 megapixel front-facing camera, built-in microphone, and up and down volume buttons.
  • VALUE-PACKED MEMBERSHIP – All-Access Membership must be purchased separately in order to access Peloton content on your Bike. You’ll pay $44/mo for your entire household and get unlimited access to our entire library of content available on your Bike and the Peloton App. Age, height, and weight restrictions apply. Your account can be activated during Bike setup.
  • MEASUREMENTS & REQUIREMENTS – We require leaving 24″ on all four sides to store and train on your Bike. Keeping your Bike in a room with a minimum ceiling height of 8′ will ensure adequate headroom while riding. Dimensions: 59″ L x 53″ H x 23″ W; Screen: 22″ diagonal; Weight: 135 lbs; Power cord length: 10′.
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOXES – You’ll get step-by-step instructions to make assembly easy. Bike frame, stabilizers, handlebars, water bottle holders, pedals, weight holders, touchscreen, and toolkit are included. Some parts are located in the touchscreen box. Be sure to check both boxes for all parts before throwing away. Shoes, mat, and other accessories sold separately.
  • USER REQUIREMENTS – Height range: 4’11”-6’5″; weight maximum: 297 lbs; age minimum: 14.
  1. Adjustable Resistance: Spinning bikes feature a resistance system that can be easily adjusted to simulate different terrains and intensify your workout. This allows users of all fitness levels to challenge themselves and progress at their own pace.
  2. Flywheel: The flywheel is a weighted wheel that mimics the feeling of riding a real bike. It provides smooth and consistent momentum, making your workouts more realistic and enjoyable.
  3. Seat and Handlebars: The seat and handlebars on spinning bikes are adjustable, ensuring proper body alignment and comfort during workouts. This feature accommodates users of different heights and sizes.
  4. Pedals: Spinning bikes come equipped with specially designed pedals that allow you to clip in cycling shoes for a secure and efficient pedaling motion. They also have adjustable straps for those who prefer to use regular athletic shoes.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm
Special Feature

Heavy Duty

Power Source

Battery Powered

Resistance Mechanism


Maximum Weight Recommendation

150 Kilograms


Alloy Steel

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