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Soft Skipping Rope 1 Great Best Selling

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The Soft Skipping Rope can be adjusted to the desired length according to user preferences.

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Soft Skipping Rope Description:

Easily Adjust to Any Length:

You can shorten or lengthen it by reducing or increasing the bead and knot according to your height. The Nylon jumping rope is not easy to break.

2 Pack Premium Kids Jumping Rope 106 Inch:

The kids jump rope is 106 inch long. Features 1 inch(2.5cm) plastic segmented beads over a solid, long-lasting braided nylon cord, suitable for kids,childtren and students.

Durable & No Tangled:

The skipping rope is wrapped in soft TPU plastic beads, which is wear-resistant, not easy to knot and entangle. The segment jump rope exercise is made of Eco-friendly materials, safe for kids.

Lightweight & Anti Slip Handle:

It is ergonomic design with a wraparound wave for an anti-slip that fits your hand well, providing a firm and comfortable grip while jumping. And there jumping ropes are not too light but not heave for kids, Good for kids to jump.

Great Fitness Choice – This Jump rope kids school is suitable for home exercise, outdoor sports, school activities and any calorie-consuming exercise program.

The Soft Skipping Rope is a jump rope designed with a soft and flexible material, providing users with a comfortable skipping experience. This jump rope is suitable for all age groups, whether beginners or experienced jumpers, to enjoy a joyful workout session.

1. Soft Material: The Soft Skipping Rope is crafted with a soft material that does not cause discomfort to the user’s skin. It offers moderate elasticity, reducing impact on joints and minimizing the risk of injuries.

2. Portable and Lightweight: This jump rope is designed to be lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around. Whether you are at home, outdoors, or in a gym, you can enjoy the benefits of skipping rope at any time and anywhere.

3. Adjustable Length: The Soft Skipping Rope can be adjusted to the desired length according to user preferences. Whether you are a child or an adult, simply adjust the rope’s length to suit your height and enjoy a customized skipping experience.

4. Comfortable Grip: The handles of this jump rope are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip and prevent slippage. Users can tightly hold onto the handles, enjoying a stable grip that enhances the effectiveness of skipping.

5. Healthy Exercise: Skipping rope is a highly efficient aerobic exercise that promotes overall health. Using the Soft Skipping Rope helps improve cardiovascular fitness, increase endurance and explosiveness, burn calories, and shape a healthier physique.

6. Versatile Use: The Soft Skipping Rope is not limited to basic skipping exercises; it can also be used for various tricks and skipping techniques. Users can explore different styles such as single leg jump, crisscross jump, partner jump, and more, adding variety and challenges to their training routines.

How to Use:

1. Adjust the Length: Adjust the rope’s length based on your height and preference, ensuring it is neither too long nor too short.

2. Grip the Handles: Hold the handles firmly to maintain stability and a secure grip during skipping sessions.

3. Start Skipping: Lift both feet off the ground and begin skipping at an appropriate speed and rhythm. Maintain a steady pace and breathing while enjoying the exhilarating and invigorating workout of skipping.

4. End the Skipping Session: Slow down gradually, come to a stop, and relax your body and breathing.

The Soft Skipping Rope is a jump rope designed with a soft and flexible material, suitable for individuals of all ages. Its soft material and adjustable length provide users with comfort and personalized skipping experiences.

This jump rope is lightweight and portable, enabling convenient workouts anytime, anywhere.

Using the Soft Skipping Rope for skipping exercises offers numerous benefits, including aerobic fitness, improved cardiovascular health, increased endurance, and calorie burning. Additionally, it allows users to explore various skipping styles and techniques, making the workout both challenging and enjoyable.

Choose the Soft Skipping Rope to experience the joy of skipping and shape a healthier body!

Additional information

Weight 0.29 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm
Target Audience

Kid, Adult

Special Feature

Tangle Free, Adjustable Length, Digital Length


Blue, Purple

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