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Soft Beaded Jumping Rope 1 Great Best Selling

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This Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is equipped with an adjustable length feature, making it suitable for users of different heights.

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Soft Beaded Jumping Rope Description:

Easily Adjust to Any Length – A knot is inside the handle. Untie the knot inside the handle, slip the desired number of beads off, and tighten the new knot to shorten the rope to the desired length.

Long Jump Rope – With EXTRA 10 PCS beads, you can extend the double dutch jump rope’s max length up to 17.2 FT(5.25m), long enough for 4-5 jumpers to fit inside when turning.

Premium (2 Pack) 16 Ft Beaded Jump Rope – Features 1 inch(2.5cm) plastic segmented beads over a solid, long-lasting braided nylon cord. Soft colorful TPU beads are shatterproof and wear-resistant, which offer full protection and durability to the inside rope.

Ergonomic Design – The groove design on the handle provides a comfortable and secure no-slip grip for all hand sizes.Great for indoor and outdoor, practical, portable exercise for all ages including children, teenagers, adults, and elders.

Great for Outdoor Exercises – Our professional beaded jump rope is ideal for home or outdoor skipping workouts, fitness exercise training, speed skip training, MMA fitness training, and more exercises.

Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is an innovative fitness tool designed to provide users with a comfortable and effective jump rope exercise experience.

Its unique soft bead design offers greater flexibility and comfort, making it suitable for users of all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you are working out indoors at home or participating in outdoor group activities, this soft beaded jump rope is the ideal choice.

1. Soft bead design: Soft Beaded Jumping Rope features soft beads instead of a traditional rope, providing users with a comfortable and low-impact jump rope experience. This design reduces pressure on the ankles and soles of the feet, minimizing the risk of injuries from tripping during jumps.

2. Adjustable length: This Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is equipped with an adjustable length feature, making it suitable for users of different heights.

By simply adjusting the jump rope length, you can customize the exercise intensity based on your personal preferences and comfort level.

3. Comfortable non-slip handles: Soft Beaded Jumping Rope features handles made of non-slip material, offering a comfortable grip and stable hold.

Even when sweating or engaging in high-intensity workouts, you can maintain a firm grip on the jump rope, avoiding accidental slippage and improper form.

4. Suitable for different surfaces: Whether you are jumping indoors on a floor or outdoors on various grounds, this jump rope glides smoothly. The soft beads reduce friction with the surface, preventing tangles and tripping, and providing users with a flexible and safe exercise environment.

5. Full-body workout: Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is a full-body aerobic exercise that effectively improves cardiovascular fitness, tones muscles, and enhances strength. With Soft Beaded Jumping Rope, you can achieve a comprehensive workout for various body parts, including legs, buttocks, back, and core muscles.

6. Home and group use: This Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is perfect for both individual workouts at home and group activities. Whether you are engaging in personal indoor training or jumping rope with family and friends outdoors, it brings joy and promotes fitness.

7. Lightweight and portable: Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is made of lightweight materials, making it easy to carry and store. You can pack it in a backpack, gym bag, or travel suitcase, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of jumping rope anytime, anywhere.

Usage Guidance:
1. Adjust the length: Loosen the adjustment device on the rope and adjust the jump rope length according to your height. Ensure the rope ends are even, then lock the device securely.

2. Grip the jump rope: Hold the handles of the jump rope in your hands, ensuring that your hands and wrists are in a relaxed and natural position. Maintain an appropriate distance between the handles and your arms.

3. Start jumping: Stand with feet together and jump with a steady pace underneath the rope. During jumps, maintain balance to prevent tripping or falling.

4. Explore various movements: In addition to basic single-leg and double-leg jumps, you can explore other jump rope movements such as criss-cross jumps, floor taps, and kicking. By combining these movements freely, you can add variety and fun to your workout.

5. Regular exercise: To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to engage in jump rope exercises at least three times a week. Gradually increase the exercise duration and intensity based on your fitness level, and incorporate other aerobic and strength training exercises for overall improvement in physical health and fitness.

Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is an innovative jump rope tool designed with soft beads for a comfortable and effective exercise experience.

Its adjustable length, comfortable non-slip handles, and versatility on different surfaces make it an ideal choice for home fitness and group activities.

It provides a comprehensive workout for various body parts, improves cardiovascular fitness, and shapes the body. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, Soft Beaded Jumping Rope is an essential equipment for a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Enjoy the fun of jumping rope and pursue a healthy and vibrant way of living.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm
Target Audience

Kid, Adult

Special Feature

Tangle Free, Adjustable Length, Digital Length



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