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Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cup For Restaurant

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These cups are designed to neatly fit into one another, allowing you to stack multiple cups together without taking up excessive space.

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Cup Description

Welcome to our comprehensive description of the Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cup. This mug is designed specifically for restaurants, offering a combination of practicality, durability, and sustainability. Made from high-quality frosted plastic, our stackable cups are not only visually appealing but also offer excellent functionality for both staff and customers.

  • Stackable Design for Efficient Storage: Our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cups feature a clever stackable design, making them highly efficient for storage. These mugs are designed to neatly fit into one another, allowing you to stack multiple mugs together without taking up excessive space. This stackability feature is particularly beneficial for restaurants with limited storage areas or tight kitchen spaces. By utilizing the stackable design, you can optimize your storage capacity and keep your beverageware organized and easily accessible. Additionally, the stackable cups ensure that they remain in place during storage, reducing the risk of accidental spills or breakages. Maximize your restaurant’s storage efficiency with our stackable plastic cups.


  • Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Use: When it comes to restaurant drinkware, durability is crucial. Our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cups are built to withstand the demands of a busy food service environment. Crafted from high-quality frosted plastic, these mugs are resistant to cracks, breaks, and shattering, ensuring that they can endure repeated use without compromising their integrity. Unlike fragile glassware or disposable options, our plastic mugs can withstand accidental drops or impacts without incurring damage. This durability guarantees that your investment will last over an extended period, saving you money on frequent replacements. Choose our durable stackable cups for a reliable and long-lasting beverage service solution.


  • Versatile Size Options for Various Beverages: We understand that restaurants serve a wide range of beverages, from refreshing iced drinks to hot beverages like coffee or tea. That’s why our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cups are available in versatile size options to cater to different drink preferences. Whether you’re serving small portions of espresso or large iced teas, our mugs come in various sizes to accommodate every need. Offer your customers the flexibility to choose their desired beverage size, ensuring a pleasant and customizable dining experience. From mini shots to XL beverages, our stackable mugs have you covered.


  • Non-Slip Base for Enhanced Stability: To enhance the drinking experience and prevent accidental spills, our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Mugs feature a non-slip base. The base of each mug is designed with a textured surface or a rubberized grip, providing excellent stability on tabletops, trays, or serving carts. This non-slip feature ensures that the mugs remain securely in place, even if accidentally bumped or knocked. By reducing the risk of spills, you can maintain a clean and safe dining environment for both customers and staff. Improve the stability of your restaurant’s tableware with our cups’ non-slip base.


  • Space-Saving Storage for Small Kitchens: One of the significant challenges in restaurant operations is optimizing precious kitchen space. Our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cups address this issue by offering space-saving storage capabilities. With their stackable design, these mugs can be easily arranged and stored without occupying excessive shelf or cabinet space. The compact size and stackability feature also make these mugs suitable for small countertops, beverage stations, or bar areas where space is limited. Maximize your restaurant’s available space with our cups’ space-saving storage design.


  • Easy Cleaning for Efficient Operations: Efficiency is paramount in a busy restaurant setting, and our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cups are designed for easy cleaning, allowing you to streamline your operations. These mugs are dishwasher-safe, saving you valuable time and effort in manual washing. The smooth surface of the frosted plastic material makes it easy to remove any residue or stains, ensuring hygienic and spotless cups for every use. With their quick and hassle-free cleaning process, our mugs contribute to the overall efficiency and smooth workflow of your restaurant.


  • Eco-Friendly Materials for Sustainable Practices: Sustainability is a growing concern in today’s society, and our Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Mugs are designed with eco-friendly materials to promote sustainable practices. They are made from food-grade frosted plastic, a durable material that can be reused numerous times, reducing the need for single-use mugs. By choosing our reusable cups, you actively contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and support a greener future. Furthermore, the stackable design and long lifespan of our mugs minimize the environmental impact associated with frequent replacements. Embrace sustainability in your restaurant by incorporating our eco-friendly stackable mugs into your beverage service.

Elevate your restaurant’s beverage service with the Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cup. With features such as a stackable design, durable construction, versatile size options, non-slip base, space-saving storage, easy cleaning, eco-friendly materials, and suitability for various dining establishments, our mugs are the ideal choice for restaurants. Enhance your storage efficiency while providing durable and visually appealing drinkware to your customers. The non-slip base ensures stability, while the easy cleaning process streamlines operations. Additionally, by choosing our eco-friendly cups, you actively contribute to sustainable practices. Invest in the Reusable Frosted Stackable Plastic Cup and provide a high-quality drinking experience while minimizing environmental impact in your restaurant.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 cm

White, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Grey, Black, Beige, Yellow

Recomanded Uses

home, office

Sepecial Feature

Durable,Easy to Clean

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