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The Power Twister Bar can be used for training the chest muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, core muscles

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Power Twister Bar Description

Long-lasting elasticity

The fitness chest expander is made of high-quality material, with long-lasting elasticity. These enhanced springs provide strength and long-lasting resistance, and will deeply stimulate your muscles when you compress them while using the device.

Quiet fitness tool

The spring tensioner for fitness can provide maximum flexion for the chest, shoulders and arms. Quiet tool, allows you to exercise without disturbing other people, good weight training fitness equipment.

Ergonomic non-slip handle

The chest expander has ergonomic non-slip handle, provide comfortable grip. Durable and lightweight, easy to carry.

Home training

The spring chest expander is specially strengthen your chest, arms and shoulders.Wonderful chest developer for home training

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The Power Twister Bar is a highly efficient and versatile fitness equipment designed to help users achieve a comprehensive upper body, chest, and core workout. It utilizes advanced design and high-quality materials to provide users with powerful strength training and body shaping effects.

The main body of the Power Twister Bar is made of sturdy and durable materials, ensuring stability and longevity during prolonged use. It features a bent metal bar and spring structure, combined with comfortable and anti-slip handles, allowing users to train in a safe and effective manner.

This product offers unique design and provides multiple training methods. Users can change their grip position and adjust the tension of the springs, allowing for customizable resistance and training options based on individual fitness levels and goals.

The Power Twister Bar can be used for training the chest muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, core muscles, and more, providing users with comprehensive and diversified training choices.

Training with the Power Twister Bar effectively stimulates and strengthens upper body muscles, particularly the pectoralis major, deltoids, and biceps, among other key muscle groups.

Exercises such as presses, pulls, and curls can be performed to shape strong and well-defined upper body muscles, while increasing strength and muscle mass.

In addition to upper body muscle training, the Power Twister Bar can also be used for core muscle workouts.

Rotational and bending movements can effectively target the abdominal, waist, and back muscles, improving body balance and stability.

The Power Twister Bar is ideal for use in home gyms and commercial fitness centers. Its compact design and portability allow for easy storage and transport, making it convenient for training sessions at home or in the gym.

In conclusion, the Power Twister Bar is an outstanding fitness equipment designed to provide users with a comprehensive upper body, chest, and core workout. It offers durability, versatility, and portability.

Whether you are a fitness beginner or a professional athlete, the Power Twister Bar is an ideal choice for achieving strength training and body shaping goals. Start using the Power Twister Bar and unleash your body’s full strength!

Additional information

Weight 1.013 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm

Silver, Wooden


Exercise, Fitness, Strength Training


Community, Gym, Home, Park

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