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Leather boxing gloves are protective equipment designed specifically for the sport of boxing.

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Leather Boxing Gloves Description


Are your training gloves affecting your accuracy?

The gloves dissipate the force of impact across the specially made, pre-curved anatomical structure of the sparring gloves due to the presence of Quadro Dome 3 padding, which uses EVA foam and SpongeX sheet.

This results in a comfortable training experience for the users of the heavy boxing gloves.


Do you face trouble forming the perfect fist, while using boxing gloves ? gloves feature a PATENT PENDING single seamless LOMA Tech design used in the palm area and thumb of the boxing gloves.

This helps create an improved alignment between the fist and thumb and along with an especially designed attached thumb allows the trainees to form the perfect fist and punch better with the training gloves.

EXCEPTIONALLY DURABLE MATERIAL – No matter how hard you punch these gloves make sure to outlast your intense training. The use of advanced caliber Maya Hide ConvEX Skin Leather in the KARA Series training gloves makes them durable and reliable for long-term use while also providing a superior look and feel during Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, and heavy bag training sessions among other similar sports.

FULL WRAPAROUND WRIST SUPPORT – A hassle-free design with sufficient support for your wrists. The hook and loop Fastener straps provide a secure fit and make it easy to put on or take off the kickboxing gloves for men and women along with providing better wrist support due to the full wraparound wrist strap, while the dual stitching in the heavy bag gloves makes them durable and resilient for extensive training sessions.

SWEAT-FREE EXPERIENCE – Bid farewell to those sweaty palms and hands. With multiple ventilation holes strategically placed in the thumb sections of the lightweight boxing gloves, ensures proper airflow management so that its customers get a sweat-free experience. Furthermore, the advanced perforated sheet for breathable ventilation in the palm area is sweat-wicking and minimizes

Leather Boxing gloves are protective equipment designed specifically for the sport of boxing. They are typically made from leather or synthetic materials, known for their durability and resilience.

The primary purpose of Leather boxing gloves is to safeguard the hands of boxers. They feature a thick layer of padding that absorbs the impact during punches, reducing stress on the bones and joints of the hand. This helps prevent hand injuries such as fractures, sprains, and concussions.

Additionally, Leather boxing gloves provide added support and stability. They conform to the shape of the hand, providing support to the wrist and fingers, minimizing the risk of injury during punches. Velcro straps or laces on the gloves can be adjusted for a secure fit without compromising flexibility.

Different types of Leather boxing gloves are suitable for various purposes and objectives. Training gloves are typically heavier, providing more cushioning and protection, ideal for practicing and strengthening boxing techniques. On the other hand, competition gloves are usually lighter, ensuring speed and agility while still offering adequate protection.

When selecting Leather boxing gloves, the right size and weight are crucial. Gloves should fit snugly around the hand, allowing for freedom of movement in the fingers and wrist. A proper fit provides a sense of stability and confidence while offering maximum flexibility and control. The choice of weight should consider the boxer’s weight and personal preference to ensure an optimal experience.

Beyond hand protection, Leather boxing gloves serve to regulate matches. They ensure each athlete competes on a level playing field, minimizing any unfair advantage due to differences in punching power. Boxing gloves also help to reduce the risk of injuries for athletes, showcasing a safe yet intense competition for spectators.

In conclusion, Leather boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment in the sport of boxing. They protect the hands, provide support, stability, and protection, and ensure fairness and safety in matches. Choose the right boxing gloves and embrace the thrill of this exciting sport.

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