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Insulated Travelling Stainless Cup

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With its double-wall insulation, durable stainless steel,straw,and portable design, this cup is the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle.

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Cup Description

Introducing our Insulated Travelling Stainless Steel Cup With Straw, the ultimate companion for those who want to enjoy their favorite drinks while on the go. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, this mug is perfect for keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold.

  • Double-Wall Insulation for Optimal Temperature Retention: Our Insulated Travelling Stainless Steel Cup With Straw features double-wall insulation technology, which provides optimal temperature retention for your drinks. The inner layer is made from high-quality food-grade stainless steel, while the outer layer acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer. Whether you’re enjoying a hot mugof coffee during your morning commute or sipping on an iced beverage by the beach, our mugkeeps your drink hot or cold for longer periods, allowing you to enjoy it at your own pace.


  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction for Long-lasting Use: We understand the importance of durability when it comes to a travelling cup. Our insulated mugis crafted from premium quality stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting use and resistance to corrosion, dents, and scratches. The sturdy construction makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or picnics, where it may encounter rough handling. Rest assured that our mugcan withstand the rigors of travel and remain in pristine condition, providing you with reliable service for years to come.


  • Spill-Proof Lid for Mess-Free Travel : We know how frustrating it can be to have your drink spill while you’re on the move. Our insulated travelling cup comes with a spill-proof lid that securely seals the mug, preventing any leaks or spills. The lid features a silicone gasket and a locking mechanism to ensure a tight seal, making it perfect for tossing into your bag or backpack without worrying about leaks. Enjoy your drink confidently and mess-free, whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on an outdoor adventure.


  • Reusable Straw for Convenient Sipping: Our Insulated Travelling Stainless Steel Cup With Straw includes a reusable stainless steel straw, making it easy to enjoy your drinks without the need for disposable plastic straws. The straw is a perfect companion for both hot and cold beverages, allowing you to sip your coffee, tea, smoothie, or any other drink with ease. It is also environmentally friendly, reducing plastic waste and contributing to a greener planet. The straw is detachable and easy to clean, ensuring convenience and hygiene wherever you go.


  • Portable Design for On-the-Go Lifestyle : Designed with convenience in mind, our insulated travelling cup is highly portable, making it perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle. The mug has a compact and lightweight design that fits comfortably in most mug holders, making it suitable for travel by car, bike, or public transportation. Its slim and sleek profile allows for easy storage in backpacks, purses, or gym bags, ensuring that you can enjoy your drinks wherever and whenever you like. Embrace the freedom of portability with our insulated travelling cup.


  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: We understand that cleaning and maintenance should be hassle-free, especially when you’re on the move. Our insulated travelling cup is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The stainless steel interior is non-porous and resistant to stains and odors, ensuring that your drink always tastes fresh. Simply rinse the cup with warm water and mild soap or place it in the dishwasher for a thorough clean. The detachable straw is also easy to clean with the included brush. Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your favorite beverages.


  • Versatility for a Wide Range of Drinks: Our Insulated Travelling Stainless Steel Cup With Straw is not limited to specific beverages. It is versatile enough to accommodate various drinks, including hot coffee, tea, iced beverages, smoothies, juices, and more. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast, a tea lover, or a fan of refreshing cold drinks, our cup provides the perfect insulation to keep your beverages at their desired temperature. From morning commutes to outdoor adventures, our cup ensures that you can enjoy your favorite drinks without compromise.


  • Stylish Design Options for Personal Expression: We believe that style is as important as functionality. Our insulated travelling mug is available in a variety of stylish design options, allowing you to choose one that suits your personal taste and expression. From sleek and minimalist designs to vibrant colors and patterns, our cups make a statement wherever you go. Show off your unique style while enjoying your favorite drinks in a cup that reflects your personality.

Experience the convenience and functionality of our Insulated Travelling Stainless Steel Cup With Straw. With its double-wall insulation, durable stainless steel construction, spill-proof lid, reusable straw, and portable design, this mug is the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Keep your drinks at the perfect temperature, whether hot or cold, and enjoy them mess-free with our leak-proof lid. Embrace sustainability by using the reusable stainless steel straw and reduce plastic waste. The portable design allows for easy transportation, while the easy cleaning and maintenance ensure hassle-free use. Choose from a range of stylish design options to express your personal style. Enjoy your favorite drinks anytime, anywhere with our Insulated Travelling Stainless Steel Cup With Straw.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 4 cm

White, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Grey, Black, Beige, Yellow

Recomanded Uses

School, Travel

Sepecial Feature

Durable,Easy to Clean

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