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Gym Hand Target Pad 1 Great Hottest Selling Equipment

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The Gym Hand Target Pad is a versatile training tool suitable for various combat sports and self-defense training.

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Gym Hand Target Pad Description

Light Punching Mitts, highly efficient shock absorption from EVA-LUTION FOAM and Supremo-Shock Foam. Hand-Shaped Mould. Constructed to fit the natural curvature of the hand.

Secure closure with EZ-Grip Technology Focus Punch Pad. Light weight foam provides superior shock absorbency while limiting trainer fatigue.

Durable Maya Hide construction with inner Maya Hide hand compartment enhances durability of boxing pads.

Performance Engineered Leather Construction Focus Mitts. High quality and durable material is easier to clean and maintain.

Strategically placed perforations on upper layer for air ventilation provides breathability and keeps trainer hands comfy. Half Ball Palm Grip. Allows for a comfortable and secure grip helps prevent injury to the coach pad user.

Curved boxing pads were designed with trainer’s in mind. Mesh Backing with Adjustable Wrist Strap. Helps keep hands cooler and increases breathability of the mitts.

Part 1: Introduction
The Gym Hand Target Pad is a state-of-the-art training tool designed to enhance striking skills, speed, accuracy, and overall performance for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a professional fighter, a martial artist, or someone looking to improve your self-defense skills, these target pads are specifically designed to provide an effective and versatile training experience.

Part 2: Product Features
1. Premium Quality Materials: The Gym Hand Target Pad is constructed using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

The outer layer is typically made of synthetic leather or high-density nylon, which provides excellent resistance to wear and tear.

The inner padding is designed to absorb impact effectively, protecting both the trainer and the athlete.

2. Ergonomic Design: These target pads are meticulously crafted to provide optimal comfort and fit for the trainer.

The design includes adjustable straps that can be easily secured around the trainer’s hand, ensuring a snug and secure fit during intense training sessions. Some models feature finger slots or grip bars to maximize control and minimize hand fatigue.

3. Shock Absorption Technology: The inner padding of the Gym Hand Target Pad is equipped with advanced shock absorption technology.

This technology allows the pad to absorb and disperse impact forces efficiently, reducing the risk of injury to both the trainer and the athlete, and making each strike feel controlled and comfortable.

4. Multiple Target Zones: Gym Hand Target Pads are typically designed with multiple target zones to simulate real-life combat scenarios. These target zones include focus points for punches, jabs, hooks, uppercuts, elbows, and knees, allowing athletes to practice a wide range of striking techniques with precision.

5. Versatility in Training: The Gym Hand Target Pad is a versatile training tool suitable for various combat sports and self-defense training.

It can be used for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and other striking-based disciplines. It is an excellent tool for both beginners and experienced practitioners looking to improve their skills.

Part 3: Product Benefits
1. Improved Striking Accuracy: The Gym Hand Target Pad is designed to help athletes enhance their striking accuracy.

The multiple target zones allow trainers to provide specific visual cues for athletes to aim at, helping them develop precision and consistency in their strikes.

2. Speed and Timing Development: Training with Gym Hand Target Pads helps athletes develop quick hand-eye coordination, speed, and timing.

The dynamic and fast-paced drills performed with the target pads enable athletes to improve their reflexes, allowing them to respond swiftly and effectively in combat situations.

3. Cardiovascular Conditioning: Working out with Gym Hand Target Pads involves intense physical movements, making it an excellent cardiovascular workout.

The combination of striking, footwork, and rapid movements improves aerobic endurance, stamina, and overall fitness levels.

4. Enhanced Focus and Concentration: The Gym Hand Target Pad requires focus and concentration to accurately hit the target zones. By focusing on hitting specific targets, athletes can improve their mental discipline, concentration, and ability to focus under pressure.

5. Controlled Training in a Safe Environment: The Gym Hand Target Pad provides a controlled training environment that focuses on technique and precision.

The padded surface of the target pad absorbs impact, reducing the risk of injuries to both trainer and athlete. This safety feature allows athletes to practice with confidence and push their limits without worrying about unnecessary harm.

Part 4: Conclusion
The Gym Hand Target Pad is a versatile and effective training tool that offers a multitude of benefits, including improved striking accuracy, speed and timing development, cardiovascular conditioning, enhanced focus and concentration, and a safe training environment.

With its premium materials, ergonomic design, shock absorption technology, multiple target zones, and versatile usage, this target pad is a must-have for athletes and fitness enthusiasts eager to elevate their training and reach their full potential.

Train smarter, train harder, and achieve greatness with the Gym Hand Target Pad.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm

Faux Leather

Hand Orientation



Black, Green

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