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Gardening Tool Hot Sale Spray-Bottle Durable 3 color

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Discover the ultimate gardening tool collection. Elevate your gardening experience with our high-quality and durable tools. Invest in the best!



Gardening Tool Description

This gardening tool combines the functionality of a bag and gloves into one innovative design. The bag serves as a storage compartment for small gardening tools or accessories, while the gloves provide protection and allow for easy and convenient access to your tools. This integrated design eliminates the need for a separate tool bag, making it more efficient to work in the garden.

The gardening tool set includes a spray-bottle, an essential tool for watering plants and applying fertilizers or insecticides. The spray-bottle is designed to deliver a fine mist, ensuring even distribution of water or other liquids for optimal plant hydration.

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor garden, this gardening tool is suitable for both environments. The Bag & Gloves design and spray-bottle can be used in a variety of settings, allowing you to tend to your plants wherever they are located.

This gardening tool is built to withstand the rigors of gardening tasks. It is made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring its durability. The sturdy construction ensures that the tool remains reliable and functional even after extended use.

The Bag & Gloves Spray-Bottle Indoors & Outdoors Durable Gardening Tool is highly versatile and can be used for various gardening tasks. From planting and transplanting to pruning and watering, this tool covers a wide range of gardening activities. With this tool, you’ll have everything you need to maintain a thriving and beautiful garden.


Landscaping Tools

Introducing the Hot Sale Bag & Gloves Spray-Bottle Indoors & Outdoors Durable Landscaping Tools, a versatile collection of landscaping tools that will elevate your gardening experience. With its high-quality materials and functional design, this tool set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardening activities.

Included in this set are durable shovels, ergonomic hand rakes, and a convenient spray bottle. These landscaping tools are designed to withstand heavy use and are suitable for various gardening tasks. The shovels are crafted with sturdy materials, allowing you to dig and move soil with ease. The hand rakes feature an ergonomic design, providing comfort and efficiency when raking leaves or debris. The spray bottle is ideal for watering plants or applying fertilizers and pesticides accurately.


Gardening Supplies

To complement the Gardening Supplies, the Hot Sale Bag & Gloves Spray-Bottle Indoors & Outdoors Durable Gardening Supplies also includes a range of essential gardening supplies to help you maintain a healthy garden.

Included in this set are a durable gardening bag, protective gloves, and plant labels. The gardening bag is spacious and made from high-quality materials, providing ample storage for your tools and accessories. The protective gloves offer excellent hand protection from dirt, thorns, and sharp objects found in the garden. The plant labels are perfect for organizing and identifying different plant varieties, ensuring proper care and maintenance.


Outdoor Plant Care Tools

Proper plant care is crucial for the success of your garden. The Hot Sale Bag & Gloves Spray-Bottle Indoors & Outdoors DurableOutdoor Plant Care Tools includes a range of outdoor plant care tools to help you maintain healthy and vibrant plants.

Included in this set are a watering can, gardening scissors, and a soil tester. The watering can features a comfortable handle and a precise spout, allowing you to water your plants with ease and accuracy. The gardening scissors are sharp and durable, enabling you to prune and trim your plants for optimal growth. The soil tester helps you assess the pH level and moisture content of your soil, ensuring the right conditions for plant development.


Garden Equipment Set

Completing this comprehensive tool set is a collection of garden equipment that will enhance your gardening experience. The Hot Sale Bag & Gloves Spray-Bottle Indoors & Outdoors Durable Garden Equipment Set includes versatile equipment that caters to different gardening needs.

Included in this set are knee pads, transplanting tools, and a multi-purpose garden tool. The knee pads provide comfort and protection for your knees when working close to the ground. The transplanting tools allow for easy planting and transplanting of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The multi-purpose garden tool combines various functions such as digging, weeding, and cultivating, making it a convenient tool for all-around garden care.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 50 cm

green, pink


8 x 4 x 13 inches

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