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Ankle Skip Ball 1 Great Best Selling Gym Equipment


Ankle Skip Ball provides a comprehensive workout for various parts of the body, particularly the leg muscles, coordination skills.

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 Ankle Skip Ball Description

Safe Material

Made of Eco-friendly PP material, odor-less and non-toxic, safe to use.


A great toy to encourage children to exercise, also a good way to develop children’s coordination and balance.

Built-in LED flashing lights(induction design), which will make you eye-catching, especially at night.


Foldable Ankle Skip Ball Flash Jump Colorful Sports Swing Ball

How to use

First put the tail ring on one foot, and then rotate forward or backward. When the pole is turned to the other foot, lift the other one, and the two feet cooperate with each other to make it cycle..Great jumping ball toy for kid fitness and playing, your kids will love it!

Ankle Skip Ball is an innovative and enjoyable outdoor activity toy that brings you moments of fun and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are a child or an adult, Ankle Skip Ball allows you to indulge in chasing, jumping, and leisurely activities.

It not only ignites your inner child but also boosts physical fitness and enhances coordination. It is an ideal choice for family entertainment and fitness.

1. Product Features:
1. Innovative Design:  Skip Ball combines the elements of soccer, skipping rope, and swinging. By wrapping the ball rope around your ankle, you can jump, chase, and manipulate the ball, adding excitement and interactivity to the game.

2. High-Quality Materials: Ankle Skip Ball is made of premium rubber and ropes that have undergone strict quality inspections, ensuring durability and safety.

3. Adjustable Sizes: The product offers a variety of rope sizes to cater to users of different age groups, from children to adults. Moreover, the rope length can be adjusted to accommodate different heights and flexibility needs.

4. Colorful Choices: Skip Ball offers a range of vibrant colors and patterns to fulfill the personalization preferences of different users.

2. Product Advantages:
1. Fitness Benefits:  Skip Ball provides a comprehensive workout for various parts of the body, particularly the leg muscles, coordination skills, and cardiovascular fitness. The jumping and chasing process keeps the body in constant motion, strengthening endurance and flexibility.
2. Family Entertainment:Skip Ball is suitable for family use, stimulating children’s athletic enthusiasm and enhancing interaction and communication among family members. Whether in a park, backyard, or beach, Skip Ball creates joyful and memorable moments.
3. Portability: Ankle Skip Ball is easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities anytime, anywhere. It can be effortlessly stored in a small bag or backpack, making it convenient for picnics, hikes, or vacations to experience the game and exercise fun.

3. How to Use:
1. Attach the ropes: Securely fasten the ropes around your ankles and place the ball under your feet, ensuring the rope length suits your height and flexibility.
2. Jump and chase: Jump at a relaxed pace while pursuing the ball, controlling its movement by manipulating the ropes.
3. Diversify the gameplay: In addition to individual jumping, Ankle Skip Ball allows for multiplayer chasing, competitions, and skill performances, offering a variety of exciting gaming options.

Ankle Skip Ball, as an innovative outdoor activity toy, not only brings joy and entertainment but also promotes physical well-being through jumping and chasing.

Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, Ankle Skip Ball can be your companion for leisure and recreation.

Choose Ankle Skip Ball and embrace happiness and health! Join us now for a more exciting outdoor experience!

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm
Target Audience

Kids, Adult

Special Feature

Tangle Free, Adjustable Length, Digital Length


Pink, Green, Red, Yellow

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