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ABS Skipping Rope: 1 Great Best Selling Equipment


ABS Skipping Rope is an innovative and high-quality jump rope designed to provide users with an exceptional skipping experience.

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ABS Skipping Rope Description:

100% Matte

Increase Your Fitness, Get Stronger, Look Great : Finally a jumprope designed to meet the demands of today’s athletes. The Attack Speed Rope is the highest quality on the market and can be adapted to match your fitness goals.

Need a fast speed rope for double unders and footwork skills? Done! Use our thin 2.2 mm cable for maximum speed workout drills. Want to build muscle and endurance? No problem! Use the 3.3 mm and give your upper and lower body a run for its money.

Take Your Jump Rope Skills To The Next Level : Our two-rope system is perfect for the beginner just getting started and for the advanced athlete to challenge themselves to build muscle endurance.

The thick “monster” rope not only builds muscle definition and burns fat, the weight is also great for beginners who need to “feel” the rope spin. Switching between the two cables will help keep your muscled guessing which helps build all around fitness for life.

Make Minor Adjustments Without Any Tools : Our unique fold-over cable system allows you to make minor size adjustments without the need of a screwdriver or any tools for that matter.

Make the cable a little longer or a little shorter without disrupting your work out. Want to change cables? Not a problem. You can switch cables in under a minute. You will hardly miss a jump!

The Ultimate Travel Gym : The Attack jumpropes come with a travel bag so you can easily store the rope and extra cables neatly in your gym bag or suitcase when you travel.

No need to worry about finding a gym, just find a smooth surface and grab your rope and you’re good to go for a total body workout. Switch between cables for a speed workout or muscle building workout… totally up to you!

For Use On Smooth Surfaces : Like all steel cable jump ropes, this rope should only be used on a smooth gym surface. Do not use on cement or asphalt as the rough surface will destroy the coating on the cable.

ABS Skipping Rope is an innovative and high-quality jump rope designed to provide users with an exceptional skipping experience.

Whether you are aiming to lose weight, improve cardiovascular fitness, or enhance coordination, ABS Skipping Rope is the ideal choice. This article will introduce you to the features and advantages of the ABS Skipping Rope.

1. Innovative Design:
The ABS Skipping Rope incorporates a unique design concept and advanced technology elements to ensure users achieve accurate and smooth skipping. Its specially designed weight block and resistance system help reduce the risk of tripping, making your skipping more seamless and effective.

2. Premium Materials:
The rope of the ABS Skipping Rope is made of high-strength polymer material, offering excellent durability and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, the handles are constructed with ABS engineering plastic, providing both durability and a comfortable grip.

3. Adjustable Length:
The ABS Skipping Rope is equipped with a convenient adjustment system, allowing you to customize the length of the rope according to your height. Whether you are tall or short, you can easily find the suitable length for optimal comfort and skipping performance.

4. Health Benefits:
Skipping rope exercises using the ABS Skipping Rope offer numerous health benefits. Firstly, it is a highly efficient aerobic exercise that helps burn calories and shape your body. Additionally, skipping rope improves cardiovascular fitness, enhances coordination, and increases overall body flexibility. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the ABS Skipping Rope is an ideal choice to achieve your health goals.

5. Portable and Lightweight:
The ABS Skipping Rope is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry. You can use it for workouts anytime, anywhere without requiring additional equipment or dedicated spaces. Whether at home, in the office, or even while traveling, you can enjoy the convenience of skipping rope exercises with the ABS Skipping Rope.

6. Versatile Usage Scenarios:
The ABS Skipping Rope is suitable for various environments and user groups. Whether for indoor or outdoor skipping exercises, such as in the gym, parks, or public squares, the ABS Skipping Rope fits perfectly. It is suitable for adults, teenagers, and children alike.

ABS Skipping Rope is an innovative jump rope product featuring a unique design and premium materials. It provides a smooth and seamless skipping experience while offering a range of health benefits. Whether your goal is weight loss, improved cardiovascular fitness, or enhanced coordination, the ABS Skipping Rope is designed to meet your needs.

Its portability and lightweight design allow you to enjoy skipping rope exercises anytime, anywhere. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the ABS Skipping Rope is the perfect companion for your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm
Item Weight

0.49 Pounds

Target Audience

Adult, Kids

Special Feature

Tangle Free, Adjustable Length, Digital Length

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